Late night post

Being single is very lonely at night. You don’t know what you missing until it’s at night. When I’m sitting in bed, I’m thinking about all the things that is missing in a relationship and all the things that need to be in a relationship. What people don’t understand, is that when you are in an unstable relationship you don’t understand the things that are most precious. My being lonely for the past year, I learned a lot of things that I should have known or have did in my past relationships and now I know what to do in my future relationships. People nowadays don’t understand the values and the particles and the responsibilities of being in a relationship and I think that now in 2015, people really need to look at what they are doing in a relationship how are they stable and what can they do to improve them. When I’m looking for a man I have some things that he needs to acquire. As I bring this post to a close, I have to really ask the readers does reading this are you in a stable relationship and if you aren’t what can you do to stay in a relationship?


Bedroom thoughts

Sitting here waiting on him to come home and sex me up, I can’t stop imagining when he get here. making sure that I got everything that I need out to get this night together…. I love this man even tho we ain’t together.

How to Please your man in Bed….. ( Ladies take notes)

If you missed my segament last night on the IFR  here is my list of 10 Sex Cravings That Men Want in Bed:

  1. A girl that turns herself on
  2. They want sex to be fun
  3. Men want women to drop hints
  4. He also wants to watch
  5. His girl to be naughty
  6. He wants a “Wow, What was that” experience
  7. Mix things up
  8. He want to get the “Nooky” out of nowhere
  9. Wants to take you
  10. Do nothing sometimes

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Nightly cap

Man, my man put it on me tonight.. It’s about 430am and I just got done doing the grown folk. When I say that I got my needs met, that’s what happened…. Now I can go bed with my “pet” sacrificed.

Kandy:Bathroom Climax

Walking into the bar, Kandy wondering what she can drink, began to look around at the bar and noticed at tall dark skinned brother at her side view. She walked to the bar, with any care of who he was with, she looked at him and noticed what he was wearing to see if he was worth her time tonight. Black dickies work jeans on, pressed to the T  and a navy blue work shirt. She know that he had at job, so that was a way in her book. She sat down beside him and looked at him. She notice that he was drinking a beer. She noted the bartender so he can come over to her.

“Hey sweetie, what you drinking?” She asked him.

He looked at her and noticed that she was looking good with the black, fitted dress that was hugging all her craves.

“A Budlight.” He said.

Kandy turned to the bartender and ordered a Budlight and a long island iced tea.

They talked for about an hour, she had about 3 long islands and he had about 4 Budlights. Kandy noticed that she was getting horny just by the way that she had swag and she needed to get her fix. She excused herself and went into the mens’ bathroom, hoping that her eye candy would follow her. She stepped into one of the stalls, pulled her dress up and sat on the toilet. She took her first two fingers and put it up her pussy. She moved them back and forth, at a slow pace. After slow pace, the speed became a more rapid, more intense pace.

She then heard the bathroom door open, but she didn’t stop, she started to morn knowing that it was her eye candy. The thought of him coming in made her morn even louder. She continue to masturbate, and the stall door opens. Who was it….. Her eye candy, the one from the bar. He closed the door and walked right in between her legs, catching Kandy in the act.  He began to unbutton his pants and pulled them down, pulled out his 9-inch dick and began to stroke it. He then moved her fingers, licked them and then bent on his knees and began to get eat her pussy. He can taste all her juices, which he began to slurp them. Once he was done, he put his dick inside her and started to pump.  She grabbed his neck, enjoying every inch of dick inside of her. She began to grab on his neck, putting her teeth into his shoulder, feeling her juices flowing, beginning to get her climax. She felt her juices coming down like a fountain and he knew that it was time to let it all go. After he pulled out, and she pulled down her dress, and fixing her hair back to the way that it was. They both stepped out of the stall and began to pull their selves together, the only question that was need to be asked was……

“What is your name honey?”

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